Judge save’s a life

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 Hyderabad: Special Metropolitan Magistrate Nampally Courts Justice Basha Nawaz Khan saved a family by risking his own life. He says that he is fortunate that Allah saved a family through him.

The other day a family was passing by Moosa Ram Bagh in a car. At the same time Justice Basha Nawaz Khan reached his house. After getting down from his car he saw a car passing by. He heard the screams coming out of the car. He was confused; at first he thought it to be a case of abduction but later he heard that the passengers of the car were pleading public to save them. He ran behind the car he saw that a woman has a child in her lap and the other 4 persons were seated in the car. There was no one in the driving seat still the car was running. Car was getting near to Moosi River.

Justice Khan chased the car and tried to stop the car with all his might. The car also took him along towards Moosi River; however he put his foot firmly in a pit and eventually managed to stop the car. Till then other people also gathered around. Thus a family was saved from drowning in the river.

It is said that the driver of the car went for shopping after pulling the handbrake but the handbrake failed and the car started moving towards the Moosi River.


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