Thank God it was a hoax, but what next?

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Hyderabad: Restlessness, curiosity sparked among the people of Hyderabad when the fake news of Ex-Constable Abdul Qadeer’s death spread like a wildfire. He is serving life sentence for killing his superior, Assistant Commissioner of Police of Chatrinaka Sattaiah for his alleged bias against Muslims during communal riots in early 90s.

When we ask this question from a tea vendor at a corner he said. “The injustice meted out to a person who has committed a crime out of emotions.”

He highlighted the below points.

• Life imprisonment is 14 years then why it is of 24 years for Abdul Qadeer?

• When other dreaded killers can be released from jail then why not Abdul Qadeer?

• Dacoits, Terrorists, Professional Killers, Rioters can be given a second chance then why not Abdul Qadeer?

• When other prisoners get clemency on national festivals then why not Abdul Qadeer?

• 56 year old ex-constable Abdul Qadeer is languishing in jail even after completing 14 years of life sentence, 10 years back. Continuous imprisonment for 24 years and the difficulties faced by him have weakened his body so much that he looks much older than his age. His health is deteriorating day by day due to diabetics and other ailments.

• Doctors of Gandhi hospital amputated his right leg as the gangrene was setting in.

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