Poisonous snakes used for murder plot

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Hyderabad: In a bizarre incident occurred at Narayanguda the attackers used poisonous snakes in an attempt to kill a person. It is said that two people reached Amarjeet Reddy’s house and threw bags having poisonous snakes inside his house. According to reliable sources this was not the first time that such attempt was made, but the same thing was done 3 to 4 times before. However Amarjeet remained unharmed during each attempt.

Every month at the night of Amavasya, lemon, turmeric powder, kumkum and other items are thrown in Amarjeet’s house. Besides that bag having snakes are also thrown so that when the bags are opened the snake would bite inmates. This time the snakes were dead. According to sources the snakes died of suffocation.

Amarjeet Reddy’s relatives apprehended a person with the help of local people and CCTV camera and handed him over to the police. Police have registered a case and investigations are underway.

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