Maulana Akbar Nizamuddin granted bail

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Hyderabad: Local court of the city granted anticipatory bail to Maulana Akbar Nizamuddin Husaini Saberi Sajjada Nasheen Dargah Hazrat Shah Khamosh Nampally. On the complaint made by Waqf Board, case had been registered against him by CBCID on various charges. It is said that Maulana Akbar Nizamuddin’s advocate approaching the local court of the city objected to the action taken by Waqf Board and appealed to stall investigations by CBCID. After hearing the argument the court granted bail. However he is directed to appear when called by investigative officer. Meanwhile Special Officer Waqf Board Shaikh Mohammed Iqbal told that the local court didn’t issue stay order hence investigative process will be carried out.
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