Telangana Dalits cheated – Manda Krishna Madiga

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Hyderabad: President of Mahajan Socialist Party, Mr. Manda Krishna Madiga while addressing the press conference at Kama Reddy in Nizamabad told the Newsmen that Mr. K. Chandrasekhara Rao had announced that the first C.M. of Telangana would be a dalit but he did not fulfill his promise. It amounts to cheating. He demanded the Central Govt. to award Bharat Ratna to Ms. M. Purna and Mr. Anand Kumar who hoisted the National Flag at Mount Everest. He also demanded to give award to their coach Mr. Shakhar.

Mr. Chandrasekhara Rao made announcement several times that he would make dalit C.M. He was never in the cabinet for a long time but Mr. K. Sri Hari was Minister for nine years.

He told that a convention of Dalit is being held at Hyderabad to expose the activities of Mr. K.C.R. a protest campain would be launch from 3rd June against Mr. KCR.

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