Representation of Kishan Bagh victims against Rajender Nagar Police to HRC

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Hyderabad: The tragic part of the communal riots of Kishan Bagh is that the persons killed by BSF are the Muslims, the houses looted were of the Muslims and the persons arrested by the Police later are also Muslims. If anyone asks the patriot and a peace loving citizen, the reply would be that it is not the protection of Law and Order but it is playing with the law.

The victims of Kishan Bagh told that the miscreants attacked their houses in the morning of 15th May suddenly. They looted their houses in the presence of police. Instead of targeting the miscreants, BSF soldiers opened fire against the Muslims. The bullets pierced into someone’s heart and into someone’s stomach. The tragic part of it is that BSF opened fire in the presence of police. If anyone ask an ordinary citizen who has some sense, he would say that the fire was opened against the miscreants.

The miscreants should have been arrested but the police arrested the Muslims for which it deserves awards and medals. The miscreants attacked the Muslims in the presence of Police but the police arrested innocent Muslim youths instead of arresting the miscreants. These Muslim youths are under police custody since then. The family members of these victims made representations to the Human Rights Commission. They informed the mischief played the Sikhs and the partisan attitude of the police. They also presented the details of Muslim youths who have been arrested. In these petitions, HRC has been requested to ensure the release of innocent Muslim youths and to bring the erring police officials into the clutches of Law.

The family members of Shaik Abdul Quader (32) son of Shaik Abdul Majeed, Mohammed Jahangir (55) son of Mohammed Yakub, Mohammed Arbaz Khan (17) son of Mohammed Jahangir and Shaik Abdul Hameed son of Mohammed Abdul Majeed, submitted petitions through Deccan Wakf Protection Society. Mr. Mohammed Afzal and Mr. Mujahid Hashmi represented the victims along with Mr. Mirza Sajid Baig. In the petitions it was alleged that the intoxicated police officials are torturing the arrested youths. The Muslim youths are being deprived of food and medical examination. In order to coverup their failures, the police is behaving in a very cruel way.

The family members of the victims visited Siasat Office and informed Mr. Zahid Ali Khan, Editor of Siasat Urdu Daily about the representation made to Human Rights Commission.

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