For Muslims, Modi will have to offer powerful balancing message, says NYT editorial

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New York: Bharatiya Janata Party ( BJP) prime minister-designate Narendra Modi has a historic opportunity to shape the country’s future on the basis of an incoming government having the strongest mandate in the last 30 years, claims an editorial in the New York Times.

Though the editorial admits that there will be several factors that will keep that past alive and hinder the new government’s ability to deliver on promises, it says that Modi is in a position to offer a powerful balancing message.

According to the NYT editorial, the Modi-led administration will have to demonstrate its desire to end the neglect of the minority Muslim community, and its commitment to supporting and promoting a fair and effective judiciary.

It says that Modi will have to guard against even the appearance of meddling with the judiciary, including the Supreme Court.

Ensuring impartial, speedy and certain justice for all of India’s citizens would do much to inspire confidence across the board in his new government, and to strengthen the democratic foundation of the country’s future, the editorial concludes. (ANI)

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