BSF fired in Kishan Bagh with INSAS rifles used in Kargil

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Hyderabad: In the communal violence which erupted yesterday in Kishan Bagh BSF used INSAS rifles which are of modern technology. They were used in Indo-Pak war in 1999. It has the capacity to fire 600 rounds in one minute. A senior police officer issued orders to BSF to open fire.

The questions that are being raised are: Were the unarmed Muslims terrorists? Or Were they involved in Activities hostile to the country?. Why didn’t BSF use rubber bullets or tear gas before opening the fire? Why was not warning given to the mob to disperse? Why did BSF Jawans target the upper portions of the bodies instead of firing on the feet? Why was not the Rapid Action force called which does not use these weapons? All these questions could be answered only when an impartial judicial enquiry is made.

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