Hiring wrong people for the right jobs?

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Dubai: Hiring applicants for roles they can’t fulfil or are overqualified for is a costly mistake. Analysts estimate that the global economy loses the opportunity to generate $130 billion in productivity and another close to $20 billion in unnecessary recruitment costs due to skills mismatch.

When a candidate whose competencies don’t match a job posting gets hired, both the employee and the appointing organisation suffer. Sooner or later, the new hire will realise there are demands of the position that can’t be delivered or that the acquired skills and training are not fully utilised. Either way, the company’s overall productivity declines.

It’s also easy to feel stuck in a wrong job and in many cases, the unhappy employee heads for the exit after a short term, leaving the company scrambling for a replacement and wasting a significant amount on hiring fees.

Human resources (HR) experts blame poor applicant screening and evaluation processes for the skills mismatch. The inability of professionals to retrain to learn new skills and switch industries is also making it difficult for companies to fill important positions.

Johnson Alexander, director of HR and quality, health, safety and environment at Dulsco, said it is essential that an advertised role should come with a well-defined job description. “If the job description is wrong, the whole cycle then turns out to be a failure. This is one of the core reasons for talent mismatch,” Alexander told Gulf News.

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