Kiran Kumar Reddy would be reduced to a political cipher

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Hyderabad Jan 31 : A highly placed Andhra Pradesh Congress functionary made it clear that chief minister Kiran Kumar Reddy’s act of rebellion was indeed an embarrassment for the party because he has clearly defied the Congress Working Committee (CWC) decision on Telangana.

The highly placed functionary who is from Seemandhra said that Reddy owed his chief minister’s post to party president Sonia Gandhi and he had no leg to stand on in the organisation. He said Reddy had himself acknowledged that he was chief minister because of Gandhi.

He said the Congress has lived through many embarrassing moments and it will live down Reddy’s defiance as well. “The party has seen many chief ministers and Reddy too will pass away into memory.” He said Kiran Reddy would be reduced to a political cipher even if he tries to form a party of his own.

The burden of his song was that though the formation of Telangana is a hard pill to swallow for the party in the Seemandhra region it has no option but to do so. There is a large number of Seemadhra Congress workers who are reconciled to division and Kiran Reddy is not really a popular rebel among them. Reddy will likely be isolated and the party will manage the political hiccups that the decision on Telangana has caused.

He also said when the parliament passes the Telangana bill, the president can defer the elections for six months so that the new states will elect their separate assemblies.

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