Rival group stab rowdy to death in city

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Hyderabad, Jan 30:

A history-sheeter, Abdul Karim Khan, 33, from Dabeerpura, was murdered by a gang in the wee hours of Monday. The gang, which came on bikes, grabbed hold of him at Dabeerpura crossroads and stabbed him to death. Karim died on the spot.

Abdul Karim Khan was one of the accused in the murder of Shakir, a history-sheeter, in 2011. Police suspect that he might be attacked by the rival group.

At around 1.30 am, on Wednesday, when Abdul Karim was coming towards Osmanpura, he was stopped by the gang which came on three bikes. Karim, who became aware of danger, leave behind his bike and tried to flee. When he reached the incense factory at Dabeerpura, the group stabbed him.

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