KVP, M.A. Khan and Subbirami Reddy nominated again for RS

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Hyderabad, Jan 28Congress High Command decided to nominate Mr. M.A. Khan, Mr. T. Subbi Rami Reddy and Mr. KVP Ram Chandar Rao for another term for Rajya Sabha. It is understood that Congress may support TRS candidate, Dr. K. Keshav Rao. Mr. E. Pratap Reddy, Law Minister is also interested for Rajya Sabha seat. Seema Andhra supporters assembled at the residence of Mr. G. Srinivas, Minister to consider the candidature of Mr. J.C. Divakar Reddy.

Mr. M.A. Khan thanked Ms. Sonia Gandhi, Mr. Rahul Gandhi, Mr. Ahmed Patel, Mr. Digvijay Singh and Mr. Ghulam Nabi Azad for nominating him for the second term.

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