Revanth Reddy makes point-by-point rebuttal of Kiran’s claims

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Hyderabad  Jan 26 : Telugu Desam legislator A. Revanth Reddy refuted the claim of Chief Minister N. Kiran Kumar Reddy that not a tonne of coal from Singareni Collieries was supplied to projects in coastal Andhra and accused him of misleading the Assembly.

Participating in the debate on A.P. Reorganisation Bill, 2013 in the Assembly on Saturday, Mr. Reddy said he was challenging the Chief Minister and claimed that 30 lakh tonnes was supplied to Vijayawada Thermal Power Station every year from Singareni Collieries. Referring to the Chief Minister’s mention of the increase in the number of agricultural pump-sets to 30 lakh in Telangana region since 1957, he said the negligence of the region in irrigation projects led to the use of so many pump-sets.

He said that a separate Telangana State was being sought as thousands of violations had occurred over the years since the formation of Andhra Pradesh. The merger of erstwhile Hyderabad state with Andhra state was conditional. Even before the ink on Gentleman’s Agreement dried up, the stipulation that deputy Chief Minister from Telangana must be appointed was not honoured. The argument in favour of linguistic States was no longer relevant.

Mr. Reddy said former Chief Minister N.T. Rama Rao was neither a separatist nor an integrationist but a humanist. Because of the injustice done to Telangana youth, he brought 610 GO, which was not properly implemented.

While opposing the powers sought to be vested with Governor in connection with the law and order in Hyderabad in the proposed Telangana state, he wanted the number of Assembly seats to be increased to 153 from 119 in Telangana and to 225 from 175 in Seemandhra.

When in lighter vein, he said 100 km of coastal region be given to Telangana government and share in TTD board. Revenue Minister N. Raghuveera Reddy said the entire coast and all the 23 districts could be taken and the State renamed as Telangana. “We don’t have any objection.”

Labour Minister D. Nagender, who spoke on the Bill, said the “tehzeeb” of Hyderabad was a symbol of Hindu-Muslim unity and the city was “every one’s jagir”. Earlier, Speaker N. Manohar adjourned the House for about 45 minutes after YSRC members rushed to the podium and disrupted the proceedings seeking introduction of a resolution in favour of united Andhra Pradesh and voting on the Bill.


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