Huzoor Nizam icon of progress & harbinger of Hindu-Muslim unity

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Hyderabad, January 26:

Dubbing Huzoor Nizam as the icon of progress & harbinger of Hindu-Muslim unity, Congress MLC Mr. Mohammed Farooq Husain accused the members of all the parties, who opposed Nizam, of speaking in RSS language. Taking part in Telangana debate in the council Farooq Husain said that those who are unacquainted with the history of Nizam have no moral right to talk against him.

Coming down heavily on the representatives of Congress, TDP, CPM and CPI Mr. Farooq Husain said that the state bifurcation debate is still on in the house and it has no connection to Nizam nor criticizing Nizam will have any affect in the process of state bifurcation. He said there are many such members in the assembly who have studied in educational institutions set up by Nizam and the assembly building where they were sitting and discussing Telangana bill was also built by the Nizam.


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