Renal Dialysis & Transplant Center inaugurated at Continental Hospitals

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Hyderabad, Jan 24:

Continental Renal Dialysis & Transplant Center inaugurated at Continental Hospitals on 23rd January by Venkaiah Naidu. Addressing the gathering Mr. Naidu said, “I am extremely happy that I have come for the useful purpose to inaugurate Renal Dialysis & Transplant Center. He strongly highlighted that ‘Health is true wealth’. Any nation which is rich in terms of health will truly become rich in terms of wealth”. He also said “India will become such a powerful nation if Government and Public Sectors have good partnership by encouraging and supporting the sectors which come forward to deliver healthcare services”.

Shri Naidu further said, “India has enormous talent and our nation is a reservoir of Knowledge and the world is a witness to such recognition. I appeal to the Doctors Fraternity, who have gone overseas, to ‘Learn, Earn & Return’ to India in order to help the people and the health sector. I also encourage all the doctors to share the acquired knowledge with our people so that they get benefitted. In this regard, I profoundly appreciate Dr Guru N Reddy, who had been in the US for 30 years, for returning to India to establish World Class Hospital with 30 + specialties in Hyderabad with excellent facilities and services at cost effective prices.”

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