Water dues: SCB to pay Rs. 2 cr. part payment

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Board owes Rs. 32.61 crore to HMWSSB

The Secunderabad Cantonment Board (SCB) has finally agreed to make part payment of Rs. 2 crore out of the Rs. 32.61 crore accumulated arrears payable to the Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board (HMWSSB). Of the Rs.32.61 crore, Rs. 24 crore was outstanding dues and the rest is interest on the same amount.It has also decided to pay Rs. 4.33 crore connection charges towards water supply from Hasmathpet and Gunrock Village pump houses. The SCB needs to pay another Rs. 9.73 crore for commencement of water supply of eight lakh gallons per day from Karkhana reservoir.

The HMWSSB has recently demanded that the SCB pay Rs.32.61 crore within six months promising to freeze the amount without levying further interest on the existing arrears.At a special board meeting on Wednesday, members observed that clearing such a huge amount within six months was tough and agreed to make part payment.

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