Construction works continue in Naya Qila, Archeological Dept. mute

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Hyderabad, Jan 23:

The construction activities are still continued at Naya Qila adjacent to the historic Golconda Fort and the Archaeological Survey of India has kept mum on the issue. Hyderabad Golf Association is carrying out digging and leveling activity at Naya Qila during nights and there is no check whatsoever by the Archaeological Survey of India and other concerned departments. And now the sand is being dumped in Naya Qila talab (pond) so that the pond would fade away in the coming days.

With these activities going unchecked it seems the Archeological department has no interest in the preservation of heritage monuments. Despite repeated representations the criminal silence of Archeological department has emboldened officers and contractors of Hyderabad Golf Association and they are blocking the canals of Qutub Shahi era which connect the surrounding ponds and lakes. The social activist Mrs. Jasveen Jairath and the representative of the farmers who were working on the fields adjacent to Naya Qila for years also told in the past that Hyderabad Golf Association officials and contractors have political backing. It is said that relative of a minister belonging to Rayalseema has taken the contract of construction activities who is deliberately damaging the heritage monuments.

Local residents said that in the name of entertainment for the rich, heritage monuments were being systematically damaged. They also informed that the water from Shah Hatim Lake and Jamali kunta would reach Naya Qila pond through a canal but the same is being blocked by Hyderabad Golf Association which is sheer violation of Archeological regulations.

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