Midnight raid: Ugandan woman accuses Bharti of leading mob

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New Delhi, Jan 22:

One of the African women assaulted in a midnight raid in south Delhi has accused Delhi Law Minister Somnath Bharti of having led the group that barged into her house and assaulted them.

The Ugandan national had recorded her statement before a magistrate yesterday, saying that she would be able to identify the persons who had barged into her house on the intervening night of January 15-16.

The woman recorded her statement in camera under Sec 164 CrPC which is admissible in court. The statement has been now given to police in a sealed cover and will be opened only during the trial.

“We were attacked on Wednesday night by Indians who were led by Somnath Bharti… We were harassed, we were beaten, they were having long sticks. They said we should leave their country or else they would kill us one by one,” she said.

The woman said she identified Bharti because “he came in the night and the next day I saw him on television. The Delhi Police came in time and saved us from the mob.”

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