KTR’s remark on idols kicks up row

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Hyderabad Jan,22: TRS legislator K Taraka Rama Rao’s remarks describing the statues of Seemandhra luminaries on Tank Bund as ‘mud idols’ triggered uproar in the Assembly and led to an adjournment of the House.

Taking part in the ongoing debate on the draft Telangana Bill, he said, “The Seemandhra leaders are making a hue and cry over the destruction of a few mud idols on Tank Bund (during Million March), but they are indifferent to the fact that more than 1,000 students immolated themselves for the cause of Telangana.”

This had the Seemandhra members from the Congress and TDP up in arms. Congress member Vanga Geetha rushed to the podium and asked the chair to seek the TRS legislator’s apology. However, when KTR said he stood by his remarks and refused to tender an apology, the Seemandhra leaders got further enraged and rushed to the podium with slogans against the MLA.

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