Thackeray clan in property dispute over Shiv Sena patriarch’s will

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Mumbai Jan,21:  Unbelievable, as it may sound, just few months after the Shiv Sena founder, Bal Thackeray’s death, his sons are now engaged in a legal battle over their father’s property worth several crores.

As per reports, the late Shiv Sena founder did not bequeath any share of his property to the families of his elder sons Bindu Madhav and Jaidev. The late Shiv Sena patriarch, supposedly made a will in 2011 in which he bequeathed his three-floored “Matoshree” bungalow in the posh Bandra locality in three parts.

According to the disputed will, the ground floor of the house is kept for party related works and meetings. The late Shiv Sena founder did not give anything to either Jaidev or Bindu Madhav, who had died in a road mishap in 1996.

Jaidev’s ex-wife Smita’s son Aishvarya has been given the entire first floor in Matoshree. But Smita has been barred from residing in the bungalow. However, the cost of the maintenance of the floor allotted to Thackeray’s grandson has to be borne by Aishwarya’s mother Smita.

The top floor of the house has been completely allotted to Bal Thackeray’s youngest son Uddhav, who is now the chief patron of the party.

Apart from “Matoshree”, senior Thackeray has also bequeathed his properties in Bhandardara and Karjat to Uddhav.

In the ‘disputed’ will, no property share has been given to Bindu Madhav’s son Nihar. According to the disputed will, Bal Thackeray didn’t leave anything for his grandson since he didn’t approve of his daughter in-law Madhavi’s “erratic behaviour”.

Upset over his late father’s will, Bala Saheb’s second son Jaidev has moved court against his brother Uddhav over control of property and assets worth several crores. Jaidev has questioned the veracity of the will, claiming that his father who fought for Marathi all throughout his life can never make his will in English.

Challenging the ‘will’ being presented as his father’s in the Bombay High Court, Jaidev says it could not have been signed by his father since he was very weak in his last days.

In his petition, Jaidev claimed that the total worth of property, assets and other bank deposits is much higher than Rs. 14.85 crore as stated in the document furnished to the court by his younger brother Uddhav.

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