Ravindra Bharathi rent quadrupled

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HYDERABAD: The state government’s four-fold hike of rent at the notable Ravindra Bharathiauditorium has come under sharp criticism, with many saying it would make it out of bounds for them.

“Clubbing all schools under one umbrella, a section official at Ravindra Bharathi told me that schools can afford to pay more money as they charge high fees from students. I was asked to pay up or find another venue for my school’s annual day programme. How can all institutions afford to pay the same rent?” questioned a representative of a non-profit minority educational institution who approached the auditorium authorities last week for organizing the school event.

The main theatre at Ravindra Bharathi has a seating capacity of 1,000 and is lent out thrice a day for four hours each. According to sources in the culture department, on most days two slots are taken and the main theatre hosts at least one programme daily. However, after four years, the department of tourism, culture and youth advancement increased the rent through an official memo dated November 22, 2013 with effect from January 1 this year.

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