Don’t Buy Ticket of Salman’s Film in Hyderabad: Asad owaisi

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Hyderabad, Jan 20:

Hyderabad MP Mr. Asaduddin Owaisi said he never considered Salman Khan as a Muslim, he said their party symbol is kite and they are always ready to cut the cord of the kite flown by Salman Khan jointly with Narendra Modi. Asaduddin said he will cut the cord of the kite flown in Gujarat from Hyderabad itself.

The frustrated Asaduddin added Salman knows only dancing and jumping. Despite the fact, said Asaduddin, poor people lost their lives in Muzzafarnafar, Salman gave his stage shows in the notorious Saifai festival. He said the actors work just for the sake of money and don’t have any moral values. It is learnt that Asaduddin has given a call to all Hydrabadies not to buy tickets for Salman’s upcoming film, Jai Ho. It’s also learnt that many of the star’s fans in Hyderabad have also decided to boycott his movie.

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